Water Transfer Printing for the Automotive Industry

When it comes to water transfer printing, both cars and motorcycles are often one of the very first thoughts. From bespoke engine bays to subtle carbon fibre wing mirrors, at some point in time someone will have tried to water transfer print nearly every part.

The possibilities really are endless, and if it fit’s in a tank there is a generally a way in which it can be dip printed into a pattern! Both private customers and major manufactures are current clients, typically asking for:

  • Door Cards, handles and buttons
  • Wing Mirrors
  • Centre Console Surrounds
  • Gear Stick Surrounds
  • Rear arm rests and tray tables
  • Internal and external vents
  • Engine Bays, including air boxes, covers and clips
  • Spoilers and Splitters

Recent projects include Formula One replica steering wheels, Bentley Interiors and Jaguar arm rests. For more information about water transfer printing for cars and motorcycles please contact us here or alternatively you can view all of our patterns on our water transfer printing films page.

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