Water Transfer Printing for the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry has long had a love for water transfer printing, especially those in the market of higher end aircraft and private jets. A quality of finish that is often un-distinguishable from the real thing but longer lasting, enables organisations and individuals to finish their aircrafts with a touch of class whilst knowing it will last the distance.

Obvious choices for dip printing are of course tables and seat arm rests finished in either carbon fibre or a chosen wood grain. However other options are available including:

  • Lightening enclosures
  • Lamps and other fittings
  • Whole Seat Surrounds
  • Handles
  • Trolleys
  • Trays
  • Well, pretty much anything

For more information about water transfer printing for the aerospace industry please contact us here or alternatively you can view all of our patterns on our water transfer printing films page.

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